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Hydrafacial Sutton Coldfield

All below photos are real customers treated by ‘Hydrafacial Queen’ Practitioner Maureen in Clinic. No filters are used on any photos so what you see is real results, unaltered on real customers!

Hydrafacial Deluxe Transformation after 3 monthly treatments

Regular customer in clinic having treatment for many years with Practitioner Maureen
That ‘Hydrafacial Glow’
Texture improvement (Below before and top after)
Mens Skin improvement post Hydrafacial 1 treatment.
Extractions is no problem, Hydrafacial can help to minimise and improve.
Left is before and right afterwards, we recommended monthly Hydrafacial treatments to maintain skin health and have the best Hydrafacial Courses available on our Fees page.
Customer with Roseacea post treatment with Hydration and texture improvement.
Hydrafacial is perfect for dry, lack lustre skin types.
Visible improvement with blackheads on nose.
Beautiful results from a customers 1st tme appointment with practitioner Maureen.
Dull, flat dehydration improved you can really see the visible results.
Great for Dehydrated skin types