HydraTite (Hydrafacial + Skin Tightening)

Combining Hydrafacial + RF Radio frequency skin tightening for the ultimate non invasive skin rejuvenation treatment.

A full Hydrafacial Skin Health for life treatment is carried out to include Lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, Glysal face peel, Extractions, Antioxidants & Hyaluronic acid, Dermalux LED rejuvenation light followed by Full face & neck skin tightening.

Bi-Polar Radio Frequency & Vacuum Face Skin Tightening

Creating thermal energy within facial dermal tissues for instant tightening and lifting. Perfect for around the eyes, jawline and neck, not only does the ProMax Lipo instantly tighten, but it provides long term collagen stimulation for a younger, fresher appearance. The introduction of vacuum delivered the same time as skin tightening also improves circulation and removes toxins for a brighter complexion. Suitable for all skin tones.


Hydra-Dermaplaning (Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning)

Hydrafacial Express + Dermaplaning £105

Hydrafacial Deluxe (skin health for life) + Dermaplaning £155

Hydrafacial Antiageing/Acne + Dermaplaning £185

Hydrafacial REGEN Growth factor + Dermaplaning £205