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We want all of our customers and workers to continue to feel safe and comfortable on every visit. As we work in very close proximity for prolonged periods of time, and the risk of transmission remains, Practitioner Maureen and team will continue with the below measures.
Please be patient and understanding that this is a new & challenging experience for us all, but we will try our best to ensure your health and safety is our 1st priority.


Updated Clinic protocols & practices

From September 2022


  • Please only arrive at your appointment time and no earlier so we can continue to give you dedicated time and attention and so we have adequate time for cleaning of treatment room, door handles, toilet facilities etc in between treatments.
  • Use the touch-less hand wash & Alcohol Hand gel station on arrival and repeat frequently
  • Kindly refrain from touching and handling anything unnecessary to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Although Social distancing is no longer a requirement we ask that personal space is respected during your visit
  • Come alone for your appointment, no friends, family or children can come into the clinic
  • A basket is provided for your personal items once in the treatment room to be placed into and is cleaned between appointments
  • Regular Cleaning audits are in place
  • For treatments the clinic team will continue wear gloves 
  • Our clinic team have taken online training in infection control that is continuous & ongoing 

Pre screen form

You will  receive a online form via the ‘Timely booking platform’ via a text link the day before your appointment to sign & reply back that you are completely fit, healthy, not Covid positive or have any other transmisable illness 

  • If you start to display any COVID-19 symptoms albeit mild including a new continuous cough, high temperature, sneezing, loss of taste and or smell, or generally feeling unwell you must NOT come into the clinic and wait at least 7 days untill feeling well 
  • If you have tested positive for  COVID-19 DO NOT come in for any appointment or visit, wait at least 1 week before rebooking
  • Please DO NOT come for any appointment if you are unwell or have any other potentially contagious illness. Wait until you are feeling fit & well before booking or rebooking your appointment in clinic. 

Consultations & Skincare

  • Virtual skin consultations if prefered are continually available and can be booked here
  • Skincare can be posted out to your home address should you prefer not to collect in clinic, contact here 

Please keep checking back for any changes and updates we may receive which will be added to the page. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all continue to work together. 

Clinic owner & Aesthetic practitioner Maureen Hayden